Three , Four and Five Letter Words With Pictures - Worksheets

3 and 4 and 5 Letter Words Worksheets

Three Letter Words - 3 Letter Words

Trace and read - with pictures- worksheet 2 - three letter words - dog, bee, cow, bed, web

Write the words in ABC order- with pictures - bat, egg, ant, dog, cake

Three letter rhyming words - phonics - an, ap, at, it, ad, ug, et, en, ot, un family

Unscramble three letter words - picture unscramble - sun, mug, net, key, hat, ant,bat, bed, bug, paw, cat, jar,fan, mop, rug, can, tub, top

Read and Match 3 letter words - with pictures - cow,web,bee,dog

Four Letter Words - 4 Letter Words
Read and match 4 letter words- with pictures - duck, frog, drum, book

Trace and read- with pictures  worksheet 1 - four letter words  - bird, bell, fish, hand, moon
Trace and read- with pictures  worksheet 3 - four letter words drum, duck, book, frog, cake

Reading four letter words - with pictures- Worksheet 1- duck, fish, girl, hand, pear

Four letter rhyming words - phonics - all, ake, ail, ell, old, ake, ack family

Unscramble three and four letter words- picture unscramble- pig, cow, dog, duck, fish, frog,one, four, two, nine, six, ten,boy, bag, pin, pan, hand, drum, book, cake, moon, rain, ship, vase

Five Letter Words - 5 Letter Words
Unscramble 3, 4 and 5 letter words with pictures - apple, bell, bird, book, cake, chef, clock, cloud,frog, girl, house, hand, kite, lamp, leaf, moon ,rope, sheep, ship, star, train, tree, wheel, web, crown, fish, drum, duck, net, pear, rain, pants

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